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This is a really nice puzzle game, although the only problem is when u wanna get really precise with the planet modification; the eyes hurt after for a while,

and btw, it works perfectly fine on Windows Mixed Reality!

Hey there I work with SideQuest at , i just wanted to ask if you had considered us as a place to post your game to reach more people in VR. Tbhough i have noticed others have inquired If you are interested in putting your on SideQuest at any point we would love to have your game on us as our goal is to help host and distribute games in as easy a manner as possible for both developers and users in a way can not do alone, Though if you ever want to sell a game you can link its SideQuest listing directly to so people can easily buy the game on and install through us with just a few clicks. Listing any game on SideQuest is also completely free to set up and use. If you're interested at all any time in the future and want to know more there's more information about SideQuest like on how to submit an application or game here: and an example of a listing currently on us using Itch integration you can see here: in any case best wishes and we hope for the brightest of futures for you.

Does this work on the Quest yet?

Cool game. You should put it on Sidequest! People would love to play it!

You can contact the owner here:

Excellent fun,really well done

I  beat the game on medium settings.  It's pretty fun!